A Moment Of Silence For Hugh Jackman’s 8-Year-Old Daughter Who Accidentally Saw Him Naked On-Screen

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Hugh Jackman Holy Shit

Let's just take a moment to be truly, deeply sad for Hugh Jackman's daughter, Ava, who recently caught an eyeful of her very naked dad in X-Men: Days of Future Past. While her friends were busy fretting over which toy would be in their next McDonald's Happy Meal, Ava was becoming skilled at suppressing her gag reflex, in response to seeing some HD dad ass. Because, truthfully, there's nothing worse as a child than seeing one of your parents naked, except maybe seeing both of your parents naked together. And, while I'm planning to use my next few 11:11 wishes to make sure that doesn't ever happen to poor Ava, I can't go back in time to erase Naked Hugh Jackman from her mind.

We know about this true tragedy thanks to Hugh, who sat down with Time to talk about the new film. And also to casually slip in the fact that he scarred his kid for eternity.

“It is actually really cool to watch [the movie] with them until you get to the moment where you’re naked onscreen and you forgot to warn your almost 9-year-old daughter. And she says ‘Dad, why aren’t you wearing underwear?'”

Okay, let's just be honest here and admit that warning her wouldn't have made much of a difference, since I'm assuming that he was her ride there and key to overlarge popcorn buckets. But, still, omgomgomg. I just want to swaddle little Ava in cotton candy blankets and tell her that everything will be okay. Because she can't not be grossed out by this.

And no, it doesn't help that her dad is so stupidly hot and charming that most people on Earth will actually be clothes-pinning their eyes open for this scene. Because there's something about having the power to ground someone for sassing you that makes you significantly less hot to said person. Just, ugh. My thoughts are with Ava during this trying time. We just can't blame her if she refuses to step foot into another movie theater with her dad ever again just in case.

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