Hugh Jackman And 12 Other Actors Who Are Only Getting Better With Age

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Hugh Jackman has been a lot of things, including: Wolverine, a time traveling duke that romances Meg Ryan and, my personal favorite, a real life high school gym teacher. And now he can add being 45 and looking better than ever. Not only is he getting hotter as the clock ticks by, he's also just a delightful human being that we'll all probably love forever. If I've learned anything from Hugh Jackman, it's that you can embarrass yourself by walking around a spa naked, but if you apologize for it and remain downright charming, you're forgiven. Warning: This only works if you are Hugh Jackman.

I don't know about you, but I don't think there's any other way to celebrate Hugh's birthday than to explore the art of gracefully aging with these professional handsome men.

1. John Stamos, 50

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Have mercy! I'd apologize for being super predictable with that phrase, but I really don't know how else to put his hotness into words.

2. Robert Downey Jr., 48

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It might be the charm he puts on when he plays Tony Stark, but RDJ is proof that getting older (and getting off of drugs) is the best thing for you.

3. Johnny Depp, 50

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I remember when I first realized how hot Johnny Depp got. It was a balmy July 9, 2003 and I was at my local theater. As I was exiting Pirates of the Caribbean with my friend Kim, I was all: “OMG! Who played Captain Jack Sparrow? He was so hot!” And when she told me it was the same guy that played Edward Scissorhands, I essentially went through the five steps of depression. But all is well now because his face parts are in all the right places.

4. Patrick Dempsey, 47

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Even though he is like the celebrity version of Ricky Bobby, I can forgive him because his hair is better than mine.

5. George Clooney, 52

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I mean, did I even have to tell you?

6. Brad Pitt, 49

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Brad Pitt doesn't really do much for me, but my mom would actually kill me if I left him off the list. Also, I know other people are totally into him since he's like the quintessential handsome man. I guess I'm just broken.

7. Paul Rudd, 44

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I know he's the goofy type, but his personality makes him handsome and fun to be around!

8. Jon Hamm, 42

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I've only seen four and a half episodes of Mad Men, but I've seen enough to know that Hamm in a suit with slicked back hair is the American dream.

9. Daniel Dae Kim, 45

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Hawaii Five-0 used to come on all the time at the gym, and there's nothing like a little Daniel Dae Kim chasing bad guys on the beach to motivate you to spend at least 15 minutes on the elliptical.

10. Jeremy Renner, 42

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I'm just going to direct you to this video of him singing “New York State of Mind” and say you're welcome ahead of time.

11. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 43

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He might have a name you just can't pronounce, but he literally looks like Prince Charming (from Shrek 2.)

12. Idris Elba, 41

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The kind of mature, older man that makes me want to shout terrible pickup lines like: ‘Well aren't you a tall drink of water?' and ‘I lost my phone number, can I have yours?'