Hugh Hefner Tweets, Then Deletes, Statement In Support Of Claire Sinclair

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It would seem Playboy Playmate Claire Sinclair‘s pleas for support after being abused by Marston Hefner have not fallen on entirely deaf ears. After several days of silence on the matter following his wrongheaded statement that “if they care about each other, they'll patch it up,” Hugh Hefner has taken to twitter to express some slightly more coherent thoughts on the matter. “I'm really disappointed in my son Marston's behavior & have expressed my support to Claire,” he wrote last night. Finally! Was that so hard?

Apparently it was, because he's since deleted the tweet from his feed. He also deleted a tweet about how his Valentine's Day plans with whatever young models he has currently contracted to be his girlfriends were cut short due to an anxiety attack. Could this be related to the drama with his troubled son? Some might say this is a private family matter and Hef has no obligation to make any public statements about it, but seeing as so many young guys look up to him (ugh), I think it's important he takes a firm stance on domestic violence, even when it's perpetrated by someone close to him.

Related: here's the post-dispute photo Claire shared with TMZ. She said it wasn't the first time Marston had become physical with her.

(Via ET Online)