Hugh Hefner Is Using Twitter to Passive-Agressively Get Back at Crystal Harris

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The Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris breakup story can't stop won't stop. First, they reportedly had an argument that resulted in Crystal calling off the wedding. Then the world got a look at the “Crystal Hefner” July 2011 Playboy cover, which had already been shot and shipped out before the breakup. Now, Hef is taking to Twitter to tell his side of the story – or, more specifically, to slam Crystal. One way he's doing it is retweeting other peoples' tweets that are critical of Crystal so that he doesn't have to write stuff himself. Case in point:

Crystal does, in fact, have a single. It's called “Club Queen” and is pretty reliably autotuned into oblivion, falling somewhere on the singles chart between Kim Zolciak‘s “Tardy for the Party” and every Ke$ha song ever.

But that's not the only burn on Crystal. Hef also reports that former girlfriends Barbi Benton and Holly Madison have called him to offer their support, and Hef retweeted a fan suggestion that they put Holly back on the cover of Playboy. HEF + HOLLY 4EVA!

One question, though: considering that one of Crystal's jobs used to be tweeting on Hef's behalf, who is doing that now? Please tell me the answer is Holly.