Hugh Hefner Is Handling His Son’s Domestic Violence Arrest Really, Really Poorly

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As you may know by now, Hugh Hefner‘s son Marston was arrested Sunday night on charges of domestic violence. Considering how often they're accused of misogyny, you'd think Hef Senior and Playboy, Inc. would be rushing to comfort Marston's now ex-girlfriend, Playmate Claire Sinclair, and say they're getting Marston the help he needs, but no such thing has happened yet. All we've got so far is this tone deaf statement from Hef to People:

“If they care about each other, they'll patch it up.”

Actually, I'm pretty sure that if Marston cares about Claire, he will apologize to her and go to anger management class like she wants him to before he even thinks about trying to get back together with her, but it seems like Hef is stuck in that chauvinistic, 1950's “whaddaya tell a woman with two black eyes?” mentality. No wonder his son has issues with women.

For her part, Sinclair is none too pleased about this. “Nobody, no support. Nobody's empathetic or concerned,” she told E! yesterday. “It's more like, cover it up and protect the image, you know what I'm saying? In one aspect, I'm ridiculously offended by the way things are being handled, on the other aspect, I understand. It's family. And they're looking out for their name, and I understand that but they need to at least, recognize what has happened and apologize for what has happened.”

Except that if he really cared about his image (or had smart PR people instead of yes men), Hef would be handling this far differently. If he can't take this issue seriously because it's the right thing to do, he should at least take it seriously to preserve that “loving Playboy family,” non-woman-hating ethos he's always touting in interviews. Being a pornographer does not automatically equate to being a misogynist, but Hef isn't doing his profession any favors right now.

(Via E! Online)