How To Go On Celeb-Style Vacays On The Cheap

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With their ability to jump on a private jet and fly off to exotic destinations, celebrities often show up in fabulous vacation spots that normal people like us could never afford.

Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz frequently travel to Brazil, the Caribbean and Hawaii to get their bikini fix. These fun-in-the-sun destination vacations usually involve surfing, paddle boarding, sun-tanning and tons of sand castle making. Other celebrities like Kate Hudson travel to Switzerland and the French Alps for their own winter wonderland ski vacays. The European mountains are the perfect place for stylish celebs to show off their chic snowboarding fashion.

Now, because we normal folk do not have an endless supply of cash and the ability to easily travel at any notice, it is a little harder for us to get away. But take your vacation destiny into your own hands; it is possible to relax and have fun just like celebrities do! And it's possible to do it on a budget.

Stop taking the same boring vacation to Grandma's mothball house and see how you, too can vacation like a celeb. Seriously, quit staring at your computer screen in envy and take a look at our fabulous celebrity vacation options in the gallery below.

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