Countdown To The Mother: So Long Red Cowboy Boots (And Jeanette)

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Well ladies and gentleman, it’s the How I Met Your Mother moment we’ve all been waiting for. Just kidding! We didn’t meet the mother. But still, Ted and Jeanette have finally broken up!



I thought this day would never come (even though I already knew it would since they told us so in the very first episode she appeared in). I was glad to see him let go of their relationship. Though he didn’t technically dump her like I was hoping, it seems like he’s actually realized that they shouldn’t be together. Finally. Also did anyone else notice how Jeanette burned the red cowboy boots? I was right!

Also, I think it’s a little funny how after their break up Ted claims that he finally means it when he says he wants to settle down. Last time I checked settling down and finding “the one” are the only two things he’s talked about for the entire series, ad nauseam. I’m a girl, and I haven’t put as much thought into my future wedding as Ted Mosby has. This is his last relationship before he meets the mother. So obviously after this he does settle down, but I think it’s a little odd to say he never wanted to before.

Something else I never thought I’d see happen was the burning of the playbook. And Barney was actually okay with it! There’s still a little bit of doubt in the back of my mind that he has another one stashed away somewhere, but I could be wrong.

Barney and Robin seemed to actually connect today, which was good. I liked that Barney acknowledged that most of the time he’s full of shit. It would really bother me if they started to change his character. I think it’s because they haven’t that I’m starting to come around to these two getting together. Though, I think it’s mostly just because I know I’m still going to watch the show if they do end up getting married this season.

I was disappointed that the Marshall/Lily scenes this week were the least entertaining. After last week, I was hopeful that we’d finally get some good material out of Lily. So I was disappointed when Marshall carried most of their scenes, as usual. Maybe I just have to give it time.

This definitely wasn’t my favorite episode. More than anything, I wish we’d seen more of weekend at Barney’s. It was the best play I’ve heard so far!

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