Countdown To The Mother: Fluffernutter Has Stolen My Heart, Too

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Last night's How I Met Your Mother came back with its first episode of the new year. The last time we saw these characters left me with mixed feeling. Though I wasn’t totally happy with the way the episode ended, I can’t deny it was a pretty powerful. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) getting engaged is one of the more significant things to happen on this show, and there’s definitely going to be some fallout.

Barney and Robin are both notoriously bad at relationships. I’m honestly not completely sold on the two of them as a couple. Nevertheless, I was interested to see how they’d be able to handle Barney meeting Robin’s father for the first time. Barney neglected to ask the man for his daughter’s hand in marriage, and they don’t think he’s going to take it so well. However, Barney seems to think he’s in the clear when the uptight hardass who raised Robin showed up a completely different person. He’s a Hawaiian shirt wearing, laid back kind of guy now. And it’s all because of his new wife and his new life in New York City, which he hasn’t told his daughter about at all. Talk about awkward.

Unlucky for Barney, the personality change doesn’t stop Scherbatsky Sr. from telling him “permission denied” before he even has the chance to ask his important question. Thus leading to an absolutely hysterical scene in which Barney has to provide an offering in the form of an adorable white rabbit, which Robin’s father expects him to kill. Thankfully Barney is Barney, and instead of killing the rabbit he names him Fluffernutter and runs to Robin for help. She tells her father off about not even bothering to tell her about his wedding. She lets him know that she and Barney are engaged, and there’s nothing he can do about it before storming off. Cue terrified Barney:

But the quick engagement doesn’t only create conflict in the lives of Robin and Barney, it also causes some issues for Ted (Josh Radnor). I saw this coming. You probably saw this coming. The only person who didn’t see this coming was Ted. He’s the one who told Robin to go to Barney, and in his mind I think he thought that meant he was ready to let her go. Unfortunately for him, life doesn’t work like that. But since he’s Ted, he deals with his pain by throwing himself into planning the perfect wedding for his best friend and the girl he believes he’s in love with.

So naturally, it seems only right that Ted meets the woman he’ll one day marry at the wedding that’s tearing him apart inside. It would probably seem more right if we’d gotten any closer to meeting her tonight, but I digress. Hey, at least we can confirm one thing about the mother. She has fingers. I know, I know it may not seem like much (and that’s because it isn’t) but it’s something to add to the list.

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