Countdown To The Mother: Lily Might Be Lovable Again?

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Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother gave me hope. Hope that one day I can come to like Lily’s character again. I know what some of you might be thinking. How can you not like Lily? She’s so cute and loveable. She even says so herself on the show. (Come to think of it that might actually be a reason I don’t like her.)

So it may come as a surprise to some of you that I often find myself rolling my eyes at everything Lily has to say. At first, I thought I still had some pent up anger towards her for leaving Marshall broken-hearted to pursue art in San Francisco. Then I thought maybe it was about the fact that her wardrobe is infinitely better than mine. But alas finally, I have realized that I’ve just become bored with her character (and also the other two things I previously mentioned).

For a long time now, I’ve found myself thinking Lily is getting less and less funny. When the show first started, she held her own but as it’s progressed I feel she’s become the least interesting character. She’s always shown being nauseatingly cute with Marshall or obsessing over Marvin. She nags a lot, plus she’s a meddler. Both qualities are stereotypically annoying about females, which pisses me off.

So I was happy to see that this week she gained an interesting storyline, or at least I hope she has. It all starts with her breakdown about giving up her dream of having a career in the art world. We’re taken back to an art gallery opening where Lily, Ted, and Robin run into The Captain, wealthy businessman and ex-husband of Ted’s former flame Zoe. At this event, The Captain and his art adviser criticize Lily’s artistic eye and tell her she’s nothing more than a kindergarten teacher. But a year later The Captain realizes he made a mistake when the painting Lily loved became worth millions. He’s so impressed he offers her a job as his new art adviser  and she accepts.

I’m hoping that this is exactly what Lily needs to make her character more watchable. Finally, she has a storyline all her own that has nothing to do with Marshall or butting into her friends' love lives. It was a rare high point for her character on the show.

Aside from making Lily’s dreams come true, this episode didn’t really have much going on. We got to hear the story of The Captain’s reemergence in the gang’s lives three separate times. High Ted and Drunk Robin were definitely funny, but the multiple retellings of the same story were drawn out. The whole thing just felt like a lot of filler to me.

I’m sure next time we’ll see a lot more of the train wreck that is Ted’s love life and maybe even some wedding plans from Barney and Robin. Though, did anyone else pick up on the subtle way Barney was broadcasting his fear of marriage/commitment throughout the episode? There may be some trouble ahead.

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