How Many Pop Culture Icons Can You Spot In Ingrid Michaelson’s Awesome New Music Video?

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I love me some Ingrid Michaelson, and I love me some transformative make-up, so I’m loving Ingrid’s new video for her song ‘Blood Brothers‘ from her album Human Again in which she gets her make-up done as seven pop-culture icons right in a row.

If you haven’t heard of Ingrid, she’s an indie artist who’s cooler than you and much more talented in every way, but also incredibly adorable and modest, so you can still be obsessed with her without feeling bad about yourself. Her most famous song is probably ‘Be OK’, which has been featured in a ton of TV shows and commercials.

From this video, I think I actually recognized all seven icons — how many can you spot?

I’ll give you a hint…the first one is Ingrid Michaelson.