How Many Gold Medals Do I Have To Win Before Prince Harry Sings To Me?

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prince harry visits nottingham 4-25-13
Who do I have to bang around here to get Prince Harry to sing “happy birthday” to me?  Well no one, I guess, but swimming a bunch of laps in a very timely fashion seems to have done the trick for Missy Franklin.  You probably remember her, she won a paltry four gold medals at the London Olympics last year.  Psshhh.  Well I can eat a sausage/onion/tomato pizza in record time!  How about them apples, Harry?

Just kidding, it's actually super cute that our favorite future royal uncle Prince Harry probably made her 18-year-old dreams come true (because if we've learned anything from Disney, it's that a prince is better than ANYTHING, even gold medals).

Okay, so she turned 18.  She can now legally vote and buy a tobacco product of her choosing, big deal.  I'm turning 28 this summer… if having a decade more of general life experience and disappointments isn't worth having Prince Harry (my favorite ginga ninja of all time, no matter what blonde, wealthy ice princess he's with at the moment) wish me good tidings, then I don't know what is.


(Photo: WENN)