HIMYM Spin Off Show In The Works, Even Though Ted Still Hasn’t Met The Mother

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HIMYM Spin Off Show In The Works  Even Though Ted Still Hasn t Met The Mother HIMYM cast jpg

After getting a belly ache last night from eating too many gummy bears (yes, I am an adult) I can definitively say that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This also rings true for the television show How I Met Your Mother. I caught on to the sitcom late and happily binge-watched the first six seasons, following new ones as they aired. By now, Lily and Marshall have a child, Barney and Robin are getting married, and the only development left is Ted actually meeting The Mother. Which we’re getting close to – Lily has actually had a conversation with her, though neither realized the significance.

But if you’ve read any tweets from viewers watching season 9 (today’s way to gauge society’s reaction to just about anything), it isn’t going over so well. It is dragging, limping along, dying a slow and painful death. Which is sad, because I love the gang so much and hate seeing them embarrass themselves by producing one season too many of what used to be a highly enjoyable show.

So how to fix the downward spiral of a television show? By creating a new, related television show, of course! Wait, what? Co-creators and executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas may have been on more than a gummy bear-induced sugar high when they came up with that solution. Currently nicknamed “How I Met Your Father,” the spin off would “follow a woman on a similar quest to find the father of her children.”

First of all: she already has the children and is trying to find their father? As in, she doesn’t know who fathered her children? Honey, that’s why you get phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles and Instagram names before you let someone in your bed. That’s just expected in 2013, right? Then again, this might just be a strangely worded synopsis and her quest is just like Ted’s mission to find a wife, aka The Mother, told through flashbacks to their present-day children.

Secondly: Why oh why do they think this is a good idea? There are no plans to feature any of the original characters of How I Met Your Mother, but there may be overlap in the show’s series finale. Like what, the characters of the new show also like to drink beer at MacLaren’s? The new show would also follow a “similar set of friends.” I love Barney’s character mostly because Neil Patrick Harris does such a great job, but I don’t think I could handle another womanizing, manipulative, laser-playing dude. I liked Ross Gellar on Friends, but anywhere else he would have driven me crazy. Leave characters where they belong.

Even spin offs of shows that were successful up until the end don’t always do so well. (Like the US’s attempt to recreate the British sitcom, Coupling, meant to replace Friends. It tanked.) How I Met Your Mother was great, but it’s losing steam. We’re in the final season and it’s time to tuck this baby in, sing it a lullaby, and tell it night night. Not time for a demanding sister show to say she’s not ready to go to bed and it’s her time to shine. Did that make any sense? No? Bottom line: How I Met Your Father is not a good idea. The days of voice overs by Bob Saget are coming to an end. Leave it be.

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