We Will Accept A Ninth Season Of How I Met Your Mother Only If There’s A New Robin Sparkles Music Video

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How I Met Your Mother will go down in history as one of my favorite TV shows. Even though the past few seasons have been incredibly lackluster, I'm basically the only one out of my friends who will consistently watch it every Monday. And yet. I just can't get on-board with season 9. We just finished season 7 with the reveal of Robin as Barney's bride, and the thought of two more seasons is just exhausting. But Variety reports that CBS is now in talks with creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas about extending the plotlines to account for a ninth season before the series ends.

Up until now, Bays and Thomas seemed committed to eight seasons. Craig did a whole interview with Vulture where he made the case for one more year: Season 7 told us that Barney and Robin will finally find their way back to each other, and Ted will meet The Mother at their wedding (which will take place sometime before Ted's daughter is born in 2015). But before then, Ted has to figure out his renewed romance with Victoria (Ashley Williams), which will be the final step toward molding Ted into the person he needs to be to meet his actual soulmate. Craig explained,

“She was the the one big unclosed door for Ted. Season seven was mostly about Ted and Robin becoming friends again after he wanted to get back together and she shut it down. Now, in the back of Ted's head, if there's anyone left from the women he's dated who he still thinks could be the mother of his children, it's Victoria. But he screwed it up. He was obsessed with Robin [and] he ended the relationship very badly. So Ted in 2012… very much thinks she could be the right one. […] This is the last door we have to close before Ted can meet the mother.”

We don't need two seasons to do that! It was clear that the writers were grasping at straws when most of season 7's major plotlines were dragging back old characters and jokes. Aside from the Victoria plotline, none of these had any real value to the series' overall plot—Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin, anyone?

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