The 11 Best Tweets From People Watching Last Night’s How I Met Your Mother

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No Questions Asked

Last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother was filled with just the right amount of shenanigans and shenanigan-flashbacks. Because it's the week of Halloween, Lily is staying in Farhampton Inn's “haunted” room. But that doesn't lend much to the plot. Because Marshall's road trip buddy sent Lily a text about him accepting the judge position, Marshall is able to set the episode in motion: by separately phoning Ted, Barney and Robin and calling in a “no questions asked” favor.

The concept of a “no questions asked” favor is implicit in its name – a friend must complete a favor for another friend without asking any questions about why it must be done. The fact that each friend owed one to Marshall because he had completed one for them in the past shows just how truly strong the friendships within the group are.

Unfortunately, in this episode another weakness between Robin and Barney's romantic relationship is discussed: they're both “lone wolves” and they are bad at checking in with each other before going out and doing things. This seems like something they should have realized, considered and discussed prior to their wedding weekend, but hey, at least they address it – and decide they can learn to work together.

Then, after Lily commits the ultimate “no questions asked” favor (I mean smashing your phone for your friend without asking for a reason why is a pretty big deal), Marshall confesses to her about the judge position. Circle back to the ghost concept, and Lily makes a death threat against Marshall. Typical!

I actually thought this was one of the better episodes of this season so far. Here's what 11 other viewers thought:


Does anyone else have a deal like this with their friends? I might have to de-friend someone if they asked me to smash my phone. What would I do without it?!?!


I think they know people will stop watching the show once Ted meets The Mother, so they're keeping us in suspense. It wasn't enough that Lily met her, it's Ted's turn!


Though many people would debate this now that Season 9 has had somewhat of a rough time, I'm sticking it through. It better have one of the best finales of all time.


That was a funny one-liner! See, the show is still witty, even this season has its good moments; it's just been drawn out too long.


Another clever line! I'm trying to focus on the good that's still present in this show. That kind of dialogue and character interaction is why I loved it in the first place.


Barney wants doves and Robin wants a 21-gun salute. What happened to guests throwing rice or blowing bubbles?


And therein lies the major problem with Barney and Robin's relationship. They decide that two “lone wolves” can learn to work together, which they proceed to do by coming up with an elaborate scheme for deleting Marshall's text from Lily's phone. Which is over-the-top and ridiculous, much like their relationship, but somehow would have worked if Ted hadn't gotten in the way…hopefully I'm reading too much into this and it's not foreshadowing for the wedding.


Really? I'm begrudgingly growing un-fond of it…


I'd be pretty pissed too if I was all set to move to Rome with my husband and son for a year and then my husband tells me he took a job in New York. Like, honey, couldn't it have waited 365 days?


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ted does not do it for me. The I-love-you on the first date thing, the spiked hair thing, the still-in-love-with-his-friend's-fiance thing, etc.


Sigh. It pains me that the show I used to binge watch back-to-back-to-back back in early seasons is now slightly painful to watch one episode per week. I have (unrealistically?) high hopes for the completion of the show, though. Ted and The Mother, happily ever after at last.