The 11 Best Tweets From People Watching Last Night’s How I Met Your Mother

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HIMYM Ted and Anna Camp

Although Robin and Barney didn't begin their relationship in a conventional sense, like, say, Lily and Marshall, they still love one another and are committed to making their marriage work, which this episode exemplifies when the reverend refuses to officiate their ceremony and Barney and Robin launch into a romantic – for them – dialogue about how even through all the debauchery, they're in love and they're in this together. Then the reverend dies from shock. Yup, his jaw drops, his head falls back, and he's dead. I'm glad Swarkles expressed their strong feelings, but was death the only way to show it off?

While Marshall is driving the car to New York, he role plays with Daphne to practice the upcoming discussion with Lily about the judge position. After Daphne gets mad at Marshall, she texts Lily and we're left with the cliffhanger of Lily calling Marshall, enraged. The phone call reminded me that last week's cliffhanger (Robin and Barney's mom duking it out) wasn't addressed.

Then there's Ted, caught between his deep desire to find the woman of his dreams and his present urge to just hook up with whatever hot girl is handy. Ted picks the “wrong” one in Anna Camp's character, as she keeps dissolving into tears due to personal issues. We are given a fleeting glimpse of Cristin Milioti's yellow umbrella at the end of the episode, but at this point I feel like the show is serving up hamburgers with no meat. Who just wants a plain bun?! Give us the beef!

I'm not the only one who's missing the Mother. Here are the 11 best tweets from people watching last night's episode.


Preaching to the choir. We haven't really seen the Mother since the premiere!


They're not horrible, they're…quirky. I think this episode really showed that despite their strange start, they really are meant to be together. Though I did think it was pretty horrible the show had him die.


No need to get desperate. It seems much easier to teach your best friend the “prayer five” than the secret handshake Lindsay Lohan teaches Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap.


Hearing Sherri Shepherd's voice come out of Alyson Hannigan's body is even more hilarious.


Aww. Who ever thought Barney and Robin would be glowing examples of true love?


The NCAA is scheduled to announce their ruling today. When we'll see the Mother next is still a mystery…


Okay, okay, it's not the best season of How I Met Your Mother, but worst thing to ever happen to TV? You realize we live in a world where Kevin Jonas and his (maybe pregnant, maybe not) wife have their own reality TV show, right?


Classic wedding fodder. Now they just need to accidentally do it in the honeymoon suite.


That part did kind of weird me out. I understand the reverend refusing them, which gave Barney and Robin a chance to show their commitment to each other by being all “hey we're unconventional but it's awesome and we love it” but did he really have to die?!


She was Aubrey on Pitch Perfect! No wonder I kept expecting her prolific tears to turn into projectile vomit.


I didn't like that Daphne told Lily about Marshall's judge position, either. Inappropriate on her part and it means that instead of witnessing Lily and Marshall's fight in person, they'll probably be having it over the phone. Not as fun!