We’ve Met The Mother: And Here Are The 11 Best Tweets From People Watching Last Night’s How I Met Your Mother

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Robin and Barney argue

The issues on How I Met Your Mother are dealt with in a variety of ways, but very rarely are they confronted head on. This episode was no different, with conflict aversion at the forefront for each of the characters, allowing for the typical misunderstandings and silly shenanigans.

The show has been on for nine seasons and the characters have been friends for a long time. In Ted, Marshall and Lily's case, since freshmen year of college. Why do they still handle their issues with each other so passive-aggressively? Last night's conflict between the three best buddies was about Marshall and Lily thinking Ted neglected to get them a wedding present and Ted believing the couple never sent him a thank you note for his gift. Instead of just asking one another about it, Marshall and Ted tried to drop subtle hints, going so far as to dressing up as a wedding present and a thank you note, respectively, for Halloween. At your age and at your level of friendship, I'd think there would be an easier way to resolve this. But then we wouldn't have gotten a throwback glimpse of Katie Holmes as Ted's former obsession, “the slutty pumpkin.”

For the nearly-married Barney and Robin, they're laying their problems out on the table, but not in the healthy way. Rather, Robin's betting Barney's brother and mother for personal items on the poker table, causing Barney to freak out about “taking sides.” James is being pretty crappy by making negative comments about marriage right before the wedding, but taking his ring in a bet, as Robin did, isn't the best way to ask him to back off. And taking Barney's mom's top in a round of strip poker is just creepy, Robin. With advice from Lily, Barney decides to support Robin in the argument, but because he's Barney, he takes it too far and tells his brother and mother that because of his new wife, he's basically disowning them as family. When Robin finally decides to face the problem and tries to apologize for her and her fiance's behavior to Barney's mother, it's escalated from a molehill to a mountain and an apology will no longer suffice. Barney's mother threatens Robin that she will be the one to “win the war” and the episode ends with a lengen (wait for it) dary line, especially as it's spoken by Robin to her future mother-in-law: “Game on, bitch.”

Robin wasn't the only one with a cheeky one-liner last night. Viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings about “The Poker Game” episode. Below are the 11 best tweets from this week's show.


Everyone's thinking it. I'm ready to see Barney and Robin get hitched and I'm especially ready for Ted to meet the mother. That is the whole point of the show, remember?


HIMYM airs at 8PM Eastern…who is of appropriate age to watch this show that goes to bed that early?


I think I'll dress up as Katie Holmes dressed up as the slutty pumpkin for Halloween this year. Meta.


I was worried about that in the beginning, but not any more. If not because of his strong friendship with Barney, Ted will stay away from Robin out of fear of being hurt (again).


The decision to have Bob Saget voice the older version of Ted Mosby always confused me. Josh Radnor doesn't sound mature enough to be talking to teenagers, or something?


The burger speech back in season four was pretty epic, but I think Marshall waxing poetic about pizza (especially a specific kind of pizza that made him and Ted sick in season five) was pretty darn beautiful. I really want a slice of pepperoni now.


Yes! The Mother! We met her and then you took her away! Please bring her back.


I hope Robin is planning on keeping her last name and adding Barney's with a hyphen like that. I dig the alliteration.


Me every morning at work when I finish my entire coffee because I'm a caffeine lightweight and I bet if I got a running start I could fly right now.


This episode provided so many Halloween costume ideas! Is Juno still relevant?


I started feeling that way when he and Robin broke up back in season two. Like, he's way too old to still be spiking his hair that way.

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