We’ve Met The Mother: But Ted Still Loves Robin

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Ted in swimming costume

Oddly enough, I thought this week's episode was done much better than last week's premiere. The story lines made a lot more sense within the plot of the final season and just jived with the characters better, even though mention of the mother was conspicuously absent.

Robin and Barney's thread this week was so them: they don't want to lose the magic and end up an old bickering couple, so they try to go have sex somewhere weird. True, it shows they're both a little nervous about getting married and losing the excitement of their relationship, but that's natural. By the end of the episode, after a scarring experience witnessing Robin's great grandparents going at it, they realize they are strong enough to keep up their sex drive while keeping up their relationship. Go, Swarkles!

The dilemmas Ted faced in this episode were also very characteristically Ted-like. He creates a list of things to do in New York City before moving to Chicago, which Lily finds, leading the two of them to have one of their famous heart-to-hearts. (How is Lily the only one who knows about Chicago? She's notoriously bad at keeping secrets.) Most of Ted's to-dos are typical, like seeing one last sunset over the Hudson and saying goodbye to the Empire State Building. The list adds an element of comedy when the truth comes out about “April 26.” In two separate sword fight instances, Ted and Marshall ruin Lily's dress and Lily and Robin ruin the boys' expensive bottle of scotch. To punish the guys, Lily makes them wear undesirable outfits: Green Bay Packers gear for Marshall, an old-time swim costume for Ted. Did anyone else think it was super awkward seeing Ted's bare arms?? Lily ultimately lets Ted drink hand sanitizer when she doesn't confess about the botched bottle of scotch, but Robin steps in and admits their antics before Ted's consumption reaches poisonous proportions. To make up for it, Lily purchases steals a replacement bottle of the real stuff.

The kicker on Ted's list: having a celebratory scotch with Barney. Simple enough, right? Lily is concerned that Ted hasn't checked off the easiest item because he is avoiding Barney. Once again, Ted's lingering feelings for Robin are made a focal point. Dude, I know you have been trying to be a good friend, but if you are still SO madly in love with her, why did you help Barney out in his plan to propose to her? We're left with the cliffhanger that Barney knows about Ted's feelings; the last line is Barney telling Ted he saw Ted and Robin at the carousel. One of the last episodes of season 8 features Robin attempting to dig up an old locket near the Central Park carousel, with Ted being the only one who comes to help her. Apparently, Barney showed up for his fiancé as well, but saw his best friend with her instead.

So, will Barney forgive Ted's feelings and raise a glass of scotch with him next week, or will there be a jealous feud? I only hope Marshall makes it there in time to be a part of it all. His whole “on the road” shtick is frustrating. Plus Lily keeps downing drinks to deal with Marshall and son Marvin's absence, and drunk Lily is kind of annoying. If she doesn't say “Thank you, Linus,” to the invisible server supplying her with alcohol the rest of the season, I'll be okay with it.

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