We’ve Met The Mother: And She Makes Delicious Cookies

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HIMYM Lily and mother

We've finally met the mother! Well, okay. Ted hasn't actually met her yet. But Lily has! And we know that they will in fact meet at Barney and Robin's wedding, and return to Farhampton in one year, together.

Other than confirming that Ted meets the love of his life soon, I thought the premiere was a little…forced. None of the story lines seemed natural or necessary. It's great that Lily and the mother (I'm ready for a name!) bonded on the train, if a little odd, considering I'd never take cookies from a stranger, but whatever. But Lily is concerned that Ted is making some huge romantic gesture towards Robin, right before Robin's wedding, which is to one of Ted's best friends. Though he doesn't give Robin the locket in the premiere, it does show Ted at the airport four days earlier, possibly heading to L.A. to search for it in Stella's storage unit. It's time to get over Robin, Ted!

Marshall gets stuck in Minnesota because first he got kicked off the plane and then the last flight to New York gets canceled. So of course he joins up with the sassy Sherri Shepherd for a road trip. What does this do for the plot? The whole rent-a-car-with-a-complete-stranger thing just doesn't do it for me.

Another thing that doesn't do it for me: possible incest. I love that Ranjit was Barney and Robin's driver to Farhampton, but the part where they realized they might be related was just wrong. First of all, don't you think you'd talk about all the guests you've invited before you're literally on your way to the wedding site? Second of all, there was really no reason to creep them and viewers out by letting us all think Swarkles might have a cousin in common.

One thing I surprisingly supported is Barney's brother James getting divorced. Sucks for the couple, but it showed Barney's growth and maturity in still believing his marriage can work even while witnessing the demise of someone else's.

Lily's job offer in Rome and Marshall's judge position in New York are only mentioned briefly, but it's forgivable because the couple wasn't physically together for the premiere. However, what's the deal with Ted moving to Chicago? Is that still on the table or did it get lost somewhere between seasons 8 and 9? The hotel concierge laid the sympathy on Ted too thick, but I think that's because meeting the mother is right around the corner. How many episodes will we have to wait, though? We know from the last episode in season 8 that Ted doesn't meet her until after the wedding, at the train station. I'm as excited to watch Barney and Robin get married as anyone, but how many 30-minute segments will it take for them to tie the knot?

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