Countdown To The Mother: Retraction Five. That’s a New One.

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Aside from giving us a look into the disturbing sexual fantasies of Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan), last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother led to an aha moment for the show’s other couple. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) both had some major epiphanies about what it means to be engaged.

I have to say it’s about time. It feels like it’s been forever since he proposed, even though in actuality it’s only been two episodes. But still, this is a pretty major life change for them both. Let’s not forget that these are the two characters who’ve spent many seasons professing their dislike for the institution of marriage. Barney is the guy who’s slept with almost every woman in New York City, and Robin has always been more focused on her career than her love life. Though they have both had serious relationships in the past, they have always reverted back to their old ways. I think it’s unrealistic for them not to have any worries about their relationship moving to fast given the fact that they weren’t even in a relationship before Barney proposed. Plus, the last time they tried to be together romantically it didn’t end well.

So needless to say, I was happy that the show isn’t going to act like these two are some picture perfect couple without any doubts. This week Robin learned that her engagement ring makes her invisible to all the men in NYC who used to find her so unbelievably attractive that they were constantly offering her free things like bagels, coffees, and apartments (…clearly I need to step up my game).

Meanwhile, Barney is suffering from one night stand withdrawal. So of course he enlists the help of Ted (Josh Radnor) who has just started a relationship with a girl, Carly (Ashley Benson), who’s a mere twenty years old. He wants to stop seeing the girl claiming that they have nothing in common, but Barney convinces him that he needs them to stay together. He needs Ted to “proxy bang” the girl for him. After discovering that they have a mutual love for Star Wars (she’d seen it once), Ted decides to sleep with Carly. The next day he gives Barney all the gory details. It’s not until Barney sees a picture of the girl that he realizes he convinced Ted to have sex with his half-sister. It was hilarious and a little disturbing, but it was sweet to see a protective old brother side in Barney. Plus, this bizarre coincidence cured Barney of his obsession with one night stands. He now thinks they’re “cheap, meaningless, and disgusting.”

I’m not convinced that such a change can happen so fast (especially in Barney), but stranger things have happened. I guess. I’m just hoping that this newfound outlook on life doesn’t completely change Barney’s character. His hilarity is what keeps me watching this show week after week. Otherwise, I’d probably just tune in for the series finale in hopes that they’ll finally be revealing the mother!

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