We Will Accept Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Trucco Romancing Robin On How I Met Your Mother Next Season Even Though We Know Who She Ends Up With

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Jumping right into this, I'm gonna warn you about spoilers for all of How I Met Your Mother up til the season 7 finale from May. Now, I'm really tickled that the show has added to its geek cred by bringing back Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Trucco for a multi-episode arc in season 8! Michael first popped up in 6×21 “Hopeless,” when Robin (Cobie Smulders) recognizes her secret crush at a club. A series of the show's signature flashbacks reveals that while Robin was dating Ted, she flirted with Crush in a clothing store and later fantasized about him briefly. But since Ted is hurt that she was thinking of another guy, he announces to the entire club that they're engaged.

At the end of the episode, Crush walks by Robin and Lily talking on the phone about how he saw “that girl” but she's getting married. Future Ted then hints that there will be more to come with them. It's ironic, of course, that the last time Robin and Crush see each other he thinks she's getting hitched, since 7×24 “The Magician's Code” revealed Robin to be marrying Barney in the near future. So, obviously Crush can't be more than a brief distraction from the OTP of Robin/Barney… but we'd rather take him over Kal Penn‘s therapist Kevin (sorry!) or some new generic-looking dude they could trot out.

According to TVLine, Michael is now part of season 8 thanks to some creative reshuffling. The writers had initially wanted to develop his character more back in season 6, but at the time he had just started on USA's Fairly Legal. Even though he's still on the show, he was obviously able to work things out and spend a fair amount of time with HIMYM this upcoming season.

And yes, I swear that his prior role on BSG actually makes him perfect for the CBS sitcom: He played Samuel Anders, husband to Kara Thrace but always second to her soulmate Lee Adama. Yet Michael played that longing and unwavering loyalty even when it was clear who his wife truly loved; I'd love to see him bring some gravitas to the inevitable Barney/Robin endgame.

Somehow, I'm a lot more excited about this guest arc than for when Katie Holmes played the mysterious Slutty Pumpkin this past season, even though it's virtually the same plotline. Maybe it's because the Slutty Pumpkin got built up so much, for both Ted and us viewers, that Katie just couldn't hack it.

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