How Pissed Would We All Be If It Turns Out The HIMYM Mother Was Dead The Whole Time?

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Lily meeting the Mother in season 9 of How I Met Your MotherOh my god you guys. I can't decide if this How I Met Your Mother rumor is more hilarious or infuriating, so I need your help to figure it out.

As we all know, HIMYM is currently in its ninth (!!!) and final season, with only five (or four, depending on your sources) episodes remaining of the whole show. And if I'm being honest, this is where my intimate knowledge of the show fails, because I bailed on it a few years ago, when I ran out of A. Netflix episodes and B. patience. But I was just cruising around the internet and discovered that there's a theory about the fate of the mother that's been gaining quite a bit of traction, and I'm officially breaking my hiatus to talk about it.

So here it is — the Mother has been dead the whole time. HEAR ME OUT. It's a theory that Jason Segel first aired in a GQ interview in 2010, where he said he told the producers he thought that was the reason Ted has been telling his kids this long, drawn-out story. Fans have grabbed onto it since then, pointing out a variety of clues that indicate it might be true. And here they are, courtesy of Jezebel:

  • In an episode from last year called ‘Time Travelers', Ted delivers the following speech, RICH WITH PORTENTS:

    “Exactly 45 days from now, you and I are going to meet. We're going to fall in love and we're going to get married, and we're going to have two kids. We're going to love them and each other so much. All that is 45 days away, but I'm here now, I guess because I want those extra 45 days with you. I want each one of them…I am always going to love you. Until the end of my days and beyond.”

  • In any scene that takes place after 2030, not only does the Mother never appear, but she's never referred to in the present tense.
  • At the show's final table read, Alyson Hannigan tweeted out a picture of herself surrounded by tissues, suggesting that episode's subject matter is particularly difficult.

And finally there was the mighty might hint in last night's episode, which took place in 2024, the latest we've ever seen the Mother appear. They're already married at that point, and Ted tells the story about Robin's mother showing up to her wedding to Barney. At which point the Mother says any mother would want to be at her daughter's wedding, and Ted promptly BURSTS INTO TEARS.

And then the Mother told him to pull himself together, stop living in his stories, and move on with his life. Guys. I think this is really happening. Which means you might have all listened to a guy talk about his future wife for NINE YEARS…only to have the show kill her off less than five episodes after they actually get together.

That's so brutal that I almost have to laugh. Jeez.

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