Countdown To The Mother: Am I Actually Starting To Like Swarkles?

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8, Episode 19

I cannot believe I waited almost a month for that episode. I love How I Met Your Mother but these filler episodes are killing me. This week we saw more Barney/Robin trying to figure out their relationship. Lily spends too much time at her new job leaving Marshall feeling neglected. And Ted is really obsessed with this period drama about chimney sweeps and gooseberries, which sounds a lot like Downton Abbey. (So basically, Ted has nothing going on as per usual.)

Though it pains me to admit it, Barney and Robin were actually cute this week. When Robin brought up where they were going to live after the wedding, I knew a fight was coming. There was no way Barney was giving up his ‘Fortress of Barnitude’ without one. On the one hand, I can completely understand why Robin would want him to give up his apartment. It’s only natural not to want to begin your life with your husband in an apartment he’s designed to suit his man-whoring ways. On the other hand, the apartment is just so quintessentially Barney that I can’t imagine him not living there. So I was glad to see that in the end Robin decided not to sell the apartment after all. All in all, it was a pretty good episode for Swarkles.

How I Met Your Mother Season 8, Episode 19 RobinHow I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Episode 19 Barney


The same cannot be said for Lily and Marshall. The episode starts with Marshall lamenting that Lily’s new job is seriously cutting into family time. She’s coming home late and always leaving after receiving strange calls from her bizarre new boss. Plus, she’s turned into a total douche if I do say so myself.

How I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Episode 19 LilyHow I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Episode 19 Lily Cap'n


I find it kind of annoying that now that she finally has a storyline of her own they have her behaving like such a tool. Thankfully, she sees the error in her ways and tells her boss she can't be on call 24/7. I’m glad they didn’t have her quit the job, and I’m hoping that isn’t the last we see of her in this new capacity. Let's all just agree that she never needs to wear those ridiculous glasses again.

Ted just annoyed me this episode. I don’t understand him. Last time we saw him he was talking this big game about how he was done with dating. Now he’s looking for something real. I don’t think hooking up with some random chick that’s under the impression he’s gay and that she’ll be the first woman he’s ever slept with qualifies as something real. Technically he isn’t dating this girl so the writer’s aren’t going back on what they’ve had Ted say but come on? That’s such an infuriating loophole. He isn’t going to date anyone else, but he’ll still hook up with whomever? How annoying.

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