Countdown to the Mother: Ted Gives New Meaning to #ForeverAlone

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Wow! That’s the only word I uttered after watching last night’s How I Met Your Mother. I had high hopes for this week’s episode. Namely because it was this season’s hour-long winter finale entitled “The Final Page: Parts One and Two.” Everybody knows something epic is supposed to happen during a show’s winter finale and with a name like that I felt I was justified in assuming big things would happen. And I was right, even though I didn’t get exactly what I wanted.

Barney and Robin definitely stole the show last night, and it’s official Swarkles is back together. Actually they’re more than that, they’re engaged. At this point in time, I’d like to say that I completely saw this coming. I am, of course, referring to Barney’s sneaky underhanded plot to win Robin back by pretending to date Patrice. I just knew it. Being right is so gratifying don’t ya think?

I know I’ve expressed my concern about Barney and Robin’s relationship in the past, but even I have to admit that was a pretty sick proposal. It appears I am a hopeless romantic, even if I’m not sure the couple should be together. I’ve decided to just be happy that they had a cute moment and reserve my judgment for when they come back with new episode and we really get to see them interact. In the meantime, I'm going to obsess over their amazing proposal.





 Even though those two did steal the show, there were a lot of other things happening in this episode as well. Marshall and Lily reunited with an old college friend/obsessive stalker played by Seth Green. Green was absolutely hilarious, a perfect blend of creepy and adorable. Side note, I should probably consider breaking into the hacky sack business…

But what about Ted you ask? Well, it was a big night for Ted. He finally let go of Robin and he became the youngest architect ever to have a building on the New York City skyline. Sounds like a pretty big accomplishment, and the perfect opportunity for him to meet his future wife. But did he? No, of course not.

The episode ended with Marshal and Lily cradling Marvin, Robin and Barney embracing, and Ted by himself in his building. He really is always alone, and it’s beyond frustrating.

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