How do you rack up $400k worth of alcohol in ONE NIGHT?!?!?

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Kelly Rowland Appears At The Lotus 'Project Eagle' Celebrity Unveiling

If you're Kelly Rowland and you're apparently willing to spend money like it's made of water, you can figure this one out. Kelly Rowland, formerly part of Destiny's Child, racked up a $400,000 (yes, I really meant to put all those zeroes in there!) bar tab for her and thirty of her friends recently at Amika's Weekend Takeover in St. Tropez, France. She just pretty much let anyone there order anything they wanted, I guess, but even with thirty people, that just seems like an impossible amount of money simply for booze. Plus, I'm sure they appreciated her hospitality, but isn't this just a tad over the top? Like, WILDLY inappropriate? Sheesh, she could have used that money for so much more, don't you think? Like funding her favorite presidential candidate, buying a few houses for Habitat for Humanity, buying me a new beach condo….something USEFUL.