House And 7 Other TV Shows That Got To End The Way They Wanted To

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House series finale David Shore

Two days ago, it was revealed that House, M.D. would be bowing this May after eight seasons. Creator David Shore pushed Fox to stop waffling over the show's fate because he wanted ample time and warning to end the series the way he envisioned. Because often networks will pull the plug on moderately successful shows with little warning, leaving creators unable to wrap things up and viewers left out in the cold.

House is one of the lucky ones: With any luck, the series finale will provide some closure. We've found seven others, because for every Jack & Bobby cut down before its time, you have a Dollhouse (which put its big reveal on a fast track) or Arrested Development (which actually gets a second chance).

To clarify: I'm never going to know how these shows' creators felt. Maybe they wanted to go on for several more seasons; doubtless they still had unexplored ideas they were sad to shelve. But these are the series that got the chance to tell a more complete story than if they had been cut down mid-breath.