The House Of Cards Season Two Trailer Doesn’t Care What You Think

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The House Of Cards Season Two Trailer Doesn t Care What You Think Robin Wright Penn smoking in House Of Cards season two trailer December 2013 jpgYou guys, YOU GUYS. I completely forgot that there was a second season of the masterpiece that is House Of Cards speeding toward us through the internets, soon to emerge on Netflix and drop into our waiting hands. But there is! So we can all go skipping through the streets hand-in-hand as the smells and colors return to the world, broken couples reunite, and cartoon animals make us dresses and do our dishes. That’s how excited I am for this show’s second season.

You might think I’ve overreacting, but it seriously is as good as I’m saying. In case you didn’t see the first season, it’s a political thriller starring Kevin Spacey as a conniving Congressman and his equally manipulative wife, played by Robin Wright Penn, who are determined to stop at nothing to get revenge on those who have betrayed them in Washington. The whole rest of the cast is amazing, too, including Kate Mara, and pretty much every episode is a mixture of intense plot twists, brutal relationships, and soapy melodrama. I love it, personally.

And it’s also Netflix-original series, which is the final important point in its favor. After all, they’re totally killing it lately. They had Arrested Developments fourth season, the extremely-underrated Derek, starring Ricky Gervais, and even Orange Is The New Black. They know exactly what we want to see, lurking pantsless in our dark apartments in front of our glowing laptops, and they’re not effing around about giving it to us anymore.

And now there’s a new season, the trailer for which — as Jezebel so aptly points out — is completely safe to watch, because it has zero spoilers. None spoilers. Not even one spoilery-spoilerson to contend with. It’s so airtight that even if you didn’t see the first season, it won’t reveal a single solitary thing except that Robin Wright Penn smokes like a total badass.

But…seriously, you should see the first season sometime before February 14th, 2014, when the second comes out. If you don’t, I don’t know how to help you.