This 5-Minute House Of Cards Season 1 Recap Is All You Need To Prep For Season 2

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This 5 Minute House Of Cards Season 1 Recap Is All You Need To Prep For Season 2 Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood in House of Cards season 1 recap jpgIt’s here, you guys. The day is finally here when House Of Cards returns for its second season. All of it. In one place. Netflix-streaming. On the same day. OMG.

I guess it’s also Valentine’s Day, but who really cares about chocolates and candy when you can have whiskey and cigarettes? Or even better, when you can watch someone else have whiskey and cigarettes. Living vicariously through the Underwoods: zero calories.

But here’s the thing. Season one was so long ago that it’s all sort of vanished into a haze of Kevin Spacey looking straight into the camera, Kate Mara stepping into a pair of floor-jeans, and Robin Wright‘s stone cold haircut. I remember the big moments of the series as well, obviously, but I must catch up quickly and I don’t have the patience to re-watch the entire first season before I delve into the second. Y’know??

Luckily, the fine folk at What’s Trending have my back, as they’ve created a five minute long recap of season 1. Which is the perfect length I think. Short enough that it’s manageable, but long enough that they can fit everything in without skipping over any of the points I forgot. So hop to it, you guys. I’m tired of being the only one ’round these parts who watches, and now you have zero excuses not to jump on board.

Oh man, I’d forgotten so much of that. Previous plans be damned — I gotta get home and fire up the Netflix before I give myself a waiting-hernia. (That’s a thing, right?)