House Of Cards’ Frank Underwood Just Made The 2016 Presidential Race Way More Interesting

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House of Cards  Frank Underwood Just Made the 2016 Presidential Race Way More Interesting house of cards ad 640x360 png

In last night’s GOP debate one candidate clearly stood above the rest, got the support of millions, and won the night. And he’s completely fictional. Yes, Frank Underwood is back and throwing his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential elections. House of Cards debuted Frank’s new campaign ad (and teaser for season four) during the debate in Las Vegas.

The very real looking campaign ad starts with the voiceover saying “It’s a new day in America” paired with typical shots of peaceful farmland, returning soldiers, and happy children before we get a message from the President himself. “America, I’m only getting started,” Frank says to the camera. Coming from any other candidate, that would sound like a reassuring statement. But coming from the ruthless, power hungry, and murderer Frank Underwood, it has a decidedly more ominous tone. The ad ends with the announcement that season four of the Netflix series will debut March 4.



To help wait out the show’s return, you can visit Frank’s campaign website FU2016.com where the slogan for the campaign “Anything For America” teases even more sinister plots for next season. Also giving some clues about season four is the section labeled Meet Claire Underwood is gone. It is replaced with a big 404 message saying ‘Claire Not Found’ meaning Frank and Claire’s split last season will likely stick and give Scandal‘s Fitz and Mellie a run for most Dramatic President Husband and Wife Ever.

The site also features a fun, interactive game where you can create a personalized card giving a big FU to anything you want. Frank’s team gives FUs to entitlement, unemployment, and traffic but I have faith people will have no trouble getting a little more creative with their choices.