Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Hotwives Of Orlando, A New Real Housewives Parody

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The Hotwives Of Orlando cast season one July 2014I spend most of my time telling you about things you shouldn't watch, so the fact that I'm about to heartily recommend a show should have everyone on the edges of their seats.

Are you there? Great. The show is The Hotwives Of Orlando, and it's a Hulu original series that parodies the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo. Very similar to how Burning Love parodied The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, to use an extremely complimentary analogy, with just as many famous hilarious people in it. In case that's your thing.

It just premiered yesterday and there are only two episodes online so far (although it appears that the whole season is available via Hulu Plus), so you have plenty of time to catch up with these completely batshit ladies. First there's Casey Wilson as Tawny, who's sleeping with her personal trainer, played by Joey McIntyre, because she refuses to let the slow death of her husband get her down. She's best friends with Shauna, played by Danielle Schneider, who co-created the series with Dannah Phirman. Shauna has either four or five kids, probably four, and was blatantly pulled right off of RHONJ in the best / worst way.

Then there's Veronica Vandervon, an extremely white, extremely rich lady who insists on speaking with a British accent, Kristen Schaal as Amanda, a drug-addled former child star, Angela Kinsey as her sister Crystal, a religious zealot whose husband won't let her actually read the Bible because it's written ‘in Jewish' and beyond her understanding, and my favorite character, Phe Phe, played by Tymberlee Hill. She's a pitch-perfect spoof of an amalgam of NeNe Leakes and the rest of the Atlanta cast down to the sentence, “I don't want any drama tonight…so I'm gonna confront her.”

Yessss. It's a truly beautiful thing, and you can appreciate it even if you aren't obsessed with the franchise, like I am. You honestly should just watch it yourself. And you know what? I'll even make it easy for you — here's the first episode in it's entirety for your immediate viewing needs. And it's only twenty-three minutes long, so I don't want to hear any of your mouth-garbage about not having time to watch it, okay?

I'm not even gonna bother talking to you right now, because we both now you're cruising right on through to that second episode.