20 of TVs Hottest Male Doctors that Make Us Want to Fake Sick

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We've all probably got a couple reasons to fake sick: stressful jobs, annoying coworkers, laundry that needs to get done. But perhaps one of the best reasons to fake sick is to lay your eyes on a hot doctor. And while we could be talking about an IRL one — we're actually talking about the ones you can only find on TV. These actors behind the roles may not be real doctors, but they play ones on TV, so they're more like doctors than you and I are. Unless you're a real doctor, in which case that's great and should be very proud of yourself. All that school — just, wow! Congrats.

Moving on, if real doctors looked anything like these guys, we'd be sick like, all. the. time. These TV docs range from goofy to serious, brooding to charming, and all emulate the knowledge and dedication that is required to be a real doctor. Seriously, these guys are not only certified hunks, but they're also great actors who are super believable as the surgeons, ER docs, and medical professionals we all know and trust.

Here are 20 of the hottest TV doctors that can take our temperature anytime.