18 of the Hottest Male Detectives in Pop Culture

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You can have your sitcoms with the laugh tracks, your soap operas with the exaggerated love stories, your sci-fis with the far-fetched fantasy — just leave me the crime dramas with the hot detectives.

From cops to FBI agents and international spies, there’s just something about a special agent with an attitude that just speaks to me. If they’ve gone rogue or have a criminal history of their own, all the better.

Not all hot male celebrities can pull off a hot male detective. They need the right combination of brooding, strength, and intuition. The perfect ones are a little dangerous and a lot sexy — like these guys, who happen to be 18 of the hottest male detectives from movies and TV.

1. Frank Abagnale Jr. from Catch Me if You Can

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Sure, he plays a criminal for most of the film but the guy does eventually become an FBI informant so it counts. Plus, any excuse to look at pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio, right? I love the rapport between his longtime pursuant and the eventual arresting officer, Carl Hanratty, too. Tom Hanks could actually also be on this list as far as I’m concerned.
P.S. I read the real Frank Abagnale‘s memoir, it's fantastic.