Talk Nerdy To Me: The 21 Hottest Geeks Ever on TV

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Whoever deemed nerds as the weird guys and gals no one was ever supposed to date? Can we just come together and declare that person was way off base? Because some of those smarty pants are the most attractive we've ever seen. Maybe it's their intellect; Maybe it's the way they stray from the crowd. Something about a geek lights the fires within our souls.
Whatever it is, they are totally endearing and not only are they the hottest geeks but some of the hottest peeps around. From scientists to FBI agents to complete psychopaths, these are the hottest nerds in pop culture to have ever hit the small screen:

1. Jessica Day on New Girl


Who's that girl? Well, obviously, it's Jess! She says some pretty dorky things, but it's like the term adorkable was made just for her. Whether she's knitting or crying over a breakup watching Dirty Dancing, she is the epitome of hot geek. Plus, she was a teacher, a vice principal and now the head honcho principal… she loves school just as much as we did!