Hot Shot: Tom Daley Is The Nerdy, British, Potentially Hotter Version Of Ryan Lochte

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As the revelation of Ryan Lochte‘s oversized ego rapidly kills our collective lady-boner for him, it's only natural that we'd go looking for someone to fill the hole. Someone just as aquatically inclined, but less prone to obnoxious neologisms. Someone who can at least pretend convincingly that he reads books, preferably with a hot accent. Someone like Tom Daley.

As you can see from his recent photo shoot with Heat Magazine, British Olympic diver Tom Daley really is the complete package: cute smile, nerdy glasses, and abs you could chop a carrot on. Which he will then lovingly feed to you, whilst reading you passages from the Virginia Woolf novel of your choice. Rowr.

In addition to being crazy cut, Daley has won a ton of diving medals (including a bronze one at the summer 2012 Olympics), so you know he's lithe and nimble. He performed well on something called “A-levels,” so we know he's smart. And he says cute, self-deprecating things like:

‘I haven't got a hope in hell! It'll just be embarrassing [if I ask Cheryl Cole out], it's not gonna work out. I wish I did have the courage to [ask her out]. I've got her calendar on my wall, so I'm used to seeing her [half-naked] and I see divers [half-naked] every day, although it is Cheryl.'

Nice additions there, Metro UK. Anyway, I'm sold.


(Via ONTD)

Photos: Heat Magazine, Tom Daley