Hot Shot: Hugh Jackman Carries His French Bulldog In The Rain

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Here's some attractiveness math for you: if a man's with a dog, he is hotness increases 50%. If that dog is a French bulldog, add another 20%. And if said man is carrying said French bulldog in his arms, go ahead and throw in another 15%.

What does this mean for Hugh Jackman? Well, in this photo, his attractiveness has increased by 85% — which, depending on how hot you find regular, dogless Hugh Jackman, could put him off the charts. Here's another great thing about this bulldog scenario — the Frenchie is named Dali! Probably because his cuteness is surreal and there can be no earthly explanation for it.

This photo was snapped in New York City where it's gotten quite chilly of late, meaning there might be some photos coming up of Dali wearing some kind of bulldog snow gear. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for some more math adjustments.

(via Just Jared)