In A True Christmas Miracle, Jason Sudeikis Is Engaged To The Very Hot Olivia Wilde

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Hot Olivia Wilde dating Jason Sudeikis secretly engaged married Saturday Night Live SNLIt's a true Christmas miracle for reasonably attractive, hilarious guys everywhere: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are apparently secretly engaged and planning to marry in the extremely romantic destination of Kansas City.

Funnymen across the world, you should use this news as inspiration to get into your time machine and go visit your dorky, brace-face self back in middle school and congratulate him for being so awkward and eminently bully-able. After all, if you hadn't gone through all that teasing way back when, you would've never been formed into the hilarious, self-assured man you are today, who is confident enough to date total dime-pieces like Olivia and January Jones. You're like a diamond of hilarity formed from a little nub of awkward carbon, so pat yourself on the back and get to that altar.

The two have only been dating for about a year, having gone public with their relationship in December of 2011. Which actually puts Jason on a pretty tight timeline, considering he only got divorced from 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon in 2010 and also had a six-month relationship with January in 2011. Not a ton of time set aside for soul-searching, but when you lock down someone like Olivia, I guess that goes out the window. The same thing goes for Olivia, though, as her divorce from the Italian prince (yup) Tao Ruspoli was only finalized in September of 2011, three months before she went public with her relationship with Jason. She's also previously been linked to first-class hotties like Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, but never settled down, presumably because they couldn't offer the same exotic locales for a wedding:

“Jason is a hometown boy at heart, and he is super close to his family and all his friends there. It has always been his dream to get married back in Kansas City. Everyone in town is buzzing about the wedding. They have already booked the venue and are in the process of finalizing the rest of the details.”

Well isn't that just grand. I wish the best to the happy couple, and may they go on to inspire guys to be funny and Kansas City to be romantic for many years to come.

(Image: Kyle Blair / WENN.com)