11 Boyfriends We Want to Steal From Their Famous Girlfriends (And Wives)

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Andrew Garfield Dancing


Happy birthday to Andrew Garfield, who turns thirty-one today! When he's not web-swinging all over New York City and saving the world as Spider-Man, you may know him by another title: Emma Stone‘s boyfriend. And while they may quite possibly be the cutest couple in existence, I know I'm not alone when I say I would do just about anything to have him all to myself (clearly my life goal to avoid admitting to the Internet that I'm a theoretically ruthless home-wrecker is not going so well).

And you know what? He's not the only one on my list! Not that I have an actual list. I'm just saying that if such a list were to exist he would be on it. Along with many others. GUYS CALM DOWN I'M NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO BREAK UP ANY RELATIONSHIPS HERE. Anyway, since I've piqued your interest, here are some more hunky Hollywood dudes that I'd you'd totally want to steal from their famous girlfriends (…or wives):

1. Jason Sudeikis



A recurring theme you'll notice when you read this post is that I absolutely LOVE funny guys. They just rev my engine. Everything Jason does makes me giggle, and even though he recently had a baby with Olivia Wilde, I still think I might have a chance!

2. Skylar Astin

skylar astin gif 2


Currently dating Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Camp and stealing my heart. Details to follow. J/K there are no details I'm just in love.

3. Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds proposal gif


You may or may not remember the story I mentioned in a previous post about the strong emotions I harbor toward Ryan regarding his fleeting presence at my local gym. Well, I still have those feelings, but maybe he and I can talk it out over coffee or our wedding? Either one is fine with me. Step aside, Blake Lively.

4. Dylan O'Brien 

dylan obrien teen wolf gif


Dylan is, in a word, a comedy godsend. Okay, that was two words, but still. He plays Stiles on MTV's Teen Wolf, a show that, btw, if you're not already watching, I suggest you finish reading this post (because, come on, I worked hard to write this!) and get started. More to the point, he's dating actress Britt Robertson, who you may remember from the sadly short-lived CW show, The Secret Circle. Even MORE to the point, I'm as close to being in love with him as anyone can be in love with someone they've never met, and I talk about it a lot. Call me, Dyl! 

5. Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling lots of moves


I'm still kind of thrown off by his whole relationship with Eva Mendes. It literally came out of nowhere and then all of a sudden we're just supposed to believe that they're expecting a baby? Whatever, Ryan, it was never over. It still isn't over!

6. Scott Disick



Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm actually obsessed with Lord Disick and his glorious sense of humor. Given the fact that his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian has basically been this weird on-and-off thing since it started (though they appear to be very much “on” now), the time to pounce is likely to be fast approaching.

7. Ian Somerhalder

ian somerhalder


Even though I may have stopped watching The Vampire Diaries because it just got way too confusing, I've never stopped wanting to sink my teeth in Ian Somerhalder (LOL BECAUSE HE'S A VAMPIRE I'M SO FUNNY). The fact that he's now dating a rival vampire from another series (Nikki Reed) doesn't change that.

8. Adam Brody

adam brody dancing


I've had a huge crush on Adam ever since I started watching him on The OC when I was in middle school. When I got the news alert to my phone that he was married to Leighton Meester (yes, I get those kinds of news alerts on my phone…shut up), I may or may not have teared up a little bit and proceeded to text all of my friends and my mom that my heart was broken and I would never find love again. So, yeah, I think my mission of husband theft is still pretty much a go.

9. Channing Tatum

channing tatum shirt off snl


I wanna Channing all over your Tatum. #tbt #sorryjenna

10. Chris Pratt

chris pratt hot


So I'll admit that I've never seen Parks & Rec before, and that the only reason I'm into Chris now is because I saw him in Guardians of the Galaxy and I must say, I can dig it. Sorry, Anna Faris, you're just going to have to share.

11. Josh Bowman

josh bowman on beach


He's currently dating his Revenge co-star Emily Van Camp, but he's also British, so I can't really resist.