What Your Mom’s Hollywood Crush Says About Your Crush

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Happy birthday to Zac Efron, who turns twenty-six years old today! We had a lot of different options swimming around in our heads for today's features — we could've talked about how proud we are of Zac for going to rehab and getting the help he needs, or compared him to other former child stars, or done a timeline of his career choices. There were a lot of options available to us.

But bottom line, why over-complicate things? Probably my favorite thing about Zac is how stupidly good-looking he is, so let's talk about Zac and other other attractive humans just like him. I mean, the kid is beautiful. He has one of those timeless bone structures that wouldn't look out of place in any time period. The kind of guy I can imagine girls crushing on fifty years ago as much as they're crushing on him now.

Which got me to thinking about all the studs from the past. You know, the guys your mom still gets all daydreamy over. These dudes are oldish now, but she still refuses to disrespect them by even batting a single eyelash at Zac Efron's butt, glorious as it is. And it's not like you want to talk your mom into having a crush on the same guy that you do, because that'd be weird if when you started dating Ryan Gosling. It's just that you want to be able to understand each other. Like old times! After all, the apple never does fall far from the tree. (I don't know, guys, work with me here.)

So here's your helpful guide to explaining to your mom exactly why so-and-so is so hot. Or moms, it's your helpful guide to explaining to your kid exactly why so-and-so has absolutely nothing on what's-his-name. Use this tool wisely, families, for it is full of razor cheekbones and brooding gazes. It should not be taken lightly.


Pierce Brosnan Zac Efron

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MOM'S CRUSH: Pierce Brosnan
Okay, so Zac hasn't found his version of the Bond franchise yet, but if these two went head-to-head in a pretty contest, I don't know who would win.


Robert Redford John Mayer(Photo: WENN / Mr. Blue, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Robert Redford
YOUR CRUSH: John Mayer
I can't summon an image of Robert Redford to my brain without seeing him in a cowboy hat, and John now owns a ranch in Montana, so you and your mom can finally understand each other. Except that Robert is clearly the way hotter of the two, and he's never said anything remotely as douchey as John has. So he's winning.


Michael Douglas Andrew Garfield(Photo: WENN/WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Michael Douglas
YOUR CRUSH: Andrew Garfield
These two both have a very patrician vibe about them, don't you think? They could both pull off inviting a lady over for tea, or playing the president in a movie. Class acts, both of them.


Clint Eastwood Benedict Cumberbatch(Photo: WENN / WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Clint Eastwood
YOUR CRUSH: Benedict Cumberbatch
Call me when you think you know the first thing about either one of these two, because they're mysterious in the most intriguing ways — talented, attractive, and independent. Sign me up.


George Clooney Ryan Gosling(Photo: WENN / C. Smith, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: George Clooney
YOUR CRUSH: Ryan Gosling
Show me a woman (or a man, frankly) on this earth who wouldn't drop everything to go on a date with either one of these guys, and I will show you a stronger human than me.


Brad Pitt Ben Affleck(Photo: WENN / Joel Ginsburg, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Brad Pitt
YOUR CRUSH: Ben Affleck
These two are only like eight years apart, but if your mom tends to like younger guys and you tend to like older guys, it could happen. Especially if you both like fellas with lots of kids who are dedicated to their families.


Alec Baldwin Shia Labeouf(Photo: Marcus Hoffman, WENN / WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Alec Baldwin
YOUR CRUSH: Shia LaBeouf
This one's pretty ironic given their very public feud, but both of these guys tend to fly off the handle for no reason. Which is hot, I guess…if you're into that sort of thing.


Denzel Washington Matt Damon(Photo: WENN / Visual, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Denzel Washington
YOUR CRUSH: Matt Damon
I don't know, something about these guys makes me think they'd be really dependable and reliable. A good (broad) shoulder to cry on while he cleans up the mean streets of this town.


Colin Firth Joseph Gordon Levitt(Photo: WENN / Daniel Deme, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Colin Firth
YOUR CRUSH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Those sneaky smiles and sad eyes! These guys both get at my heart in the same way — they make it all achy over how devastatingly adorable they are. Watch Love Actually and (500) Days Of Summer back to back and then try to scowl at someone on the train.


Richard Gere Harry Styles(Photo: WENN / Daniel Deme, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Richard Gere
YOUR CRUSH: Harry Styles
If Harry got cast in a remake of Pretty Woman tomorrow, I'd have to excuse myself right now to go get in line to watch it fourteen times in a row. I don't even care that One Direction probably hasn't given him any acting training. I JUST WANNA BE CHARMED.


Harrison Ford Channing Tatum(Photo: WENN / DyD Fotografos, Future Image, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Harrison Ford
YOUR CRUSH: Channing Tatum
These two are both in my list of top five guys who I think could rescue me from the panic room in the White House. Just battle their way in and battle their way out. Renegades. Mavericks, if you will. Risk-takers.


Kurt Russell John Kransinski(Photo: Z.Tomaszewski, WENN / FayesVision, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Kurt Russell
YOUR CRUSH: John Krasinski
Hey Kurt! John! Can we just curl up on the couch in our pajamas tonight and eat Chinese food while we watch a movie? Great, thanks.


Jon Stewart Chris Pratt(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza, WENN / Tony Forte, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Jon Stewart
YOUR CRUSH: Chris Pratt
I suspect that Jon doesn't have a surprising Chris Pratt body lurking under his clothes, he still just barely has an edge over Chris when it comes to making me laugh, so I'll cut him some slack.


Tommy Lee Jones Michael Fassbender(Photo: WENN / WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Tommy Lee Jones
YOUR CRUSH: Michael Fassbender
The kind of guy who sits in the front row of an award show and never cracks a smile. Don't mess. Just don't let your mom watch the full-frontal scene (or scenes?) in Shame, or she'll develop her own feelings for Michael and his Fassbender.


Patrick Stewart Michael B. Jordan(Photo: WENN / Brian To, WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Patrick Stewart
YOUR CRUSH: Michael B. Jordan
Can't stop won't stop having the best career ever. If you aren't aware of Michael yet, watch Fruitvale and then join me in sitting back and watching his resume unfold into greatness.


Paul Newman Josh Hutcherson(Photo: WENN/WENN)

MOM'S CRUSH: Paul Newman
YOUR CRUSH: Josh Hutcherson
Hey. Everybody loves a guy who knows how to give back, and these two are prime examples of that. So dreamy.