Ask Hot Chelle Rae Anything You Want During Our Live Facebook Chat!

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Hot Chelle Rae Band Photo

Hot Chelle Rae is the super-cool pop band that you need to get to know liiike right now. The band is made up of Ryan and Jamie Follesé and Nash Overstreet and was born in Nashville but is now worldwide thanks to their talent and awesomeness. And, on Monday, March 3 at 4:30 PM EST, you'll get a chance to ask them all of your burning questions when they join us for a live Facebook chat. That's right, you're going to be the one doing the interviewing!

Following the release of their debut album Lovesick Electric (2009) and their sophomore album Whatever (2011), the guys are delivering you some brand new music. You may remember when their song “Tonight, Tonight” briefly took over the world, but have you heard their newest (and equally as addictive) “Don't Say Goodnight”? If not, go ahead and give it a listen below. And if so, I know you want to listen to it again anyway so you can do the same.

Now that I know for sure you're obsessed with it, check it out here on iTunes. Both your heart and ears will thank you. And, if you still can't get enough of the guys, you can just go ahead and follow the band on Twitter @HotChelleRae and on Instagram @HotChelleRae, as well!

After you do that, like the Crushable Facebook page below:

Once you do that, you'll be able to ask the guys anything you want! So exciting, right?!

(Photo: RCA Records)