5 Facts About Hot Chelle Rae That We Learned During Our Live Chat With Them!

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Hot Chelle Rae Band PhotoYesterday, we got pretty lucky and got the chance to chat live with Hot Chelle Rae and their fans on our Facebook page. One listen to their song Don't Say Goodnight, available here on iTunes, and we already knew that they’re crazy talented. But now we also know that they’re a fun bunch as well. (Some people get everything, right?) But, in case you missed the guys on Facebook or you just want to relive it all, we’ve made a list of our favorite live chat moments.

So, here they are — our top 5 things that we learned about Nash, Ryan, and Jamie yesterday. And feel free to share some of your favorite moments and/or gush endlessly about the guys. Anything goes, really.

1. They appreciate a good pick-up line.

Hot Chelle Rae I'll Let You Get Back(via)

When a fan ever so slyly asked if she could make out with them for a school project, Nash responded that he wished that he’d thought of that line when he was younger. And honestly, don’t we all?

2. A vinyl album may be coming your way sooner than later.

Hot Chelle Rae Music(via)

One of their fans asked if they would ever consider releasing one of their albums on vinyl and the guys responded that they would love that. So go out and buy you a record player and wait patiently.

3. They’re fans of Dallas Buyers Club.

Hot Chelle Rae I Like It Like That(via)

And by “fans of,” I totally mean that they admitted to having cried while watching it. So cute!

4. They’ve got really detailed ideas about the process of choosing an exotic dancer name.

Hot Chelle Rae Hugging(via)

As in, and I quote, “I feel like the first stage of stripping is being named Cinnamon. Maybe you earn more name choosing power the longer you’re in the profession.” That gem was from Nash, by the way.

5. They still get giddy when their songs play on the radio.

Hot Chelle Rae Piano(via)

A fan asked the guys if hearing their songs on the radio still excites them and they said that it will never ever get old because there’s nothing like it. And it’s just really adorable to imagine them getting really excited by that. Go ahead, imagine it and see if you don’t feel all warm and fuzzy afterward.

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