From One Direction To Daniel Radcliffe, Why Do We Find The Brits So Crushable?

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You might have noticed when flipping through our new 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 list that quite a few of our favorite fellas hail from across the pond, specifically Great Britain. Eight whole spots on our list went to British guys, including three in the top five. So what is it about the Brits that makes us American girls swoon? Or maybe the better question is, why are there so many talented young Brits making a name for themselves in the states? Those questions kind of go hand in hand, and it could sort of be a chicken or the egg style dilemma, but let's look at a few reasons we find these boys so crushable. One thing's for certain. That whole Revolutionary War thing is totally water under the bridge.

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To begin, I'm pretty sure obsessing over Brits is an inherited trait passed from generation to generation of American women. From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones to the Spice Girls to the royal family and everything in between, we're a country brimming with Anglophiles who are ready at any moment to throw their panties onstage at a concert or get up at an offensive hour of the morning to see two people they've never met get married. It's pretty much an American tradition to obsess over British people.

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Then we can get even more specific and talk about why we've bothered to carry the tradition on so long. Obviously the accents are a big part of it. We LOVE an accent over here in the states. British people get us to buy everything from vaccuum cleaners to car insurance just because we're hypnotized by the siren song contained in their voices. We don't know what we're buying. We just know that a British person is selling it to us. Even the less sophisticated accents make us obsess. Adele, please be my best friend.

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The accents, mixed with the fact that we've been fed a healthy diet of Hugh Grant and Jane Austen our whole lives, give us this idea of British guys as soft-spoken, polite gentlemen. Even the total cads, like Hugh Grant or Mr. Wickham, have an alluring charm that attracts us. I realize this is a completely nonsensical and probably very unhealthy way to think about men, but I just can't help it. And don't worry, I'll always pick Mr. Darcy over Wickham, even though if Darcy were American I might think he was kind of a douche.

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It also helps that so many of these guys manage to make it big in Hollywood. This could be because we love them so much on principle that we just throw success at them like confetti, or it could be that they make it big because they're more talented than us and then we fall in love with them afterward. Either way, they're talented and we love them, so why think about it too hard?

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Plus, when they're not starring in movies we love and fooling us with American accents, they're dating our favorite American girls. Nicholas Hoult has a lot more street cred for dating Jennifer Lawrence, and once Ariana Grande hooked up with Nathan Sykes, we all decided maybe we do want The Wanted.

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And maybe it's because our generation grew up fantasizing about Disney princes, but the Brits just seem to be the perfect combination of chivalry and fun. Like they'd hold the door open for you on your way into an amusement park where you'd then ride roller coasters all day before spending the trip home having meaningful discussions about life and stuff. Just a nice balance.

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And yes, I realize this is all based on a very specific view of British culture filtered through pop culture, but I'm sure other countries have a narrow-minded view of us Americans. Like that we spend our days wiping burger grease on our T-shirts and practicing for the state belching championship. At least our opinion of Britain is a warm and fuzzy one. And before you ask, no I don't hate America. I just wish we'd stop wearing the same shirts three days in a row.
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So I'll leave you to daydream about your perfect date with Ed Sheeran or Nicholas Hoult or Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Odell or Nathan Sykes or Dev Patel or Asa Butterfield or all five members of One Direction each feeding you a different type of cheese. It looks like the Brits are here to stay, and I think that's bloody brilliant.