16 Horror Movies That Are Way Too Cheesy For The Screen

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If you watch a lot of horror movies, you know how trite they can start to seem. The jump scares, the characters running for their lives and then tripping (*insert eye roll here*), and the plot twists that become predictable after each movie. Prom nights gone wrong, snobby girls who bully others, haunted houses, demonic possessions, and plain old serial killers who want to right a wrong, we've seen them all… unfortunately.

That's not to say all horror flicks are the same; there are quite a few that are brilliantly terrifying. And while there are some diamonds in the rough, more often than not, they're gimmicks — using age-old, cliché plot devices where characters make silly mistakes and meet their untimely death. Let's just say, there's a reason why many of the movies below are ranked pretty low on Rotten Tomatoes.