20 Terrifying Horror Flicks That Are Based On Real-Life Events

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There is nothing as terrifying as seeing the words “Based on true events” prior to the beginning of a horror film. It's like getting an official confirmation that those monsters in your closet from childhood were actually real, and honestly, just the thought of it gives us heart palpitations.

Believe it or not, some of the most legendary horror flicks fit right into that category. And we're not just talking about psycho killers and murder cases. We're talking haunted houses, exorcisms, demon-possessed people, and killer dolls. You might be skeptical about the authenticity of these stories, or maybe you're quick to dismiss the so-called “based on a true story” claims. However, we did a bit of digging and discovered that there actually is some truth to these horror films. See which ones were inspired by real-life events: