Honor Society’s Fashionably Late Album Released Today!

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After touring with the Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks, new boy band Honor Society  are releasing their album Fashionably Late today.  If you know much about them, they are a group of four cute guys (Michael Honor society_fashionably late Bruno, Andrew Lee, Jason Rosen and Alexander Noyes) who put out hot pop/rock/funky music.

They’ll be promoting their debut album by heading out on their own tour. The tour has been going on since the 13th of this month and will continue on through to December.  If you want to know Honor Society will be coming to an arena near you, be sure to continue to check their official MySpace page, where they’ll have dates and venue names available.

Their lead single off of their album is called “Over You” and it is pretty good! I personally, like it.  It reminds me a bit of when Maroon 5 went through that time when they came out with “Makes Me Wonder.” Listen to Honor Society’s “Over You” below.

You can follow Honor Society on Twitter, check out their official MySpace and hit up their official fanclub!

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