Video: Honey Boo Boo And Mama June Shannon Read Lines From Christopher Walken Movies

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Remember when Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken thrilled us with their Oscar-worthy performances of lines taken directly from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? Well, now Screen Junkies has turned the tables and repeated the stunt the other way around, with the cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo reading lines from Christopher Walken films.

Contrary to popular belief, June Shannon knows how to read, and puts the appropriate amount of sass into lines like “tell me before I do some damage that you won't walk away from” (from True Romance), and “two mice fell in a bucket of cream” (from Catch Me If You Can). For her part, Alana has some trouble with the words (she's seven, after all), but delivers lines like “okie dokie artichokie!” with gusto. And I love how caught up June gets in wanting to know the plot of Catch Me If You Can.

This looks like it was fun for these two, and I hope it inspires June to check out some of the movies they were reading from, because they're all super great. Some of them might be appropriate for Alana, too. Maybe she'll even be inspired to act in creepy, morally ambiguous action movies someday.