Honey Boo Boo Finally Reaches The Comic Book Nerd Demographic With Her New Biography

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Well, it's about time Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson expanded her plan for world domination into the comic book market. Comic book nerds thought they were safe, but now everyone's favorite pint-sized beauty queen has reached that demographic too.

A publishing company called Bluewater Productions has created a Honey Boo Boo biography in comic book form by Michael Troy. I know, your dreams are coming true right now. Just wait until you learn that this comic is the second in a series of celebrity biographies called “15 Minutes.” And the subject of the first one was Kim Kardashian! I didn't know happiness like this existed.

This comic book is just further proof that eventually everyone in the world will know about Honey Boo Boo's life, and in turn her reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and in turn her entire family. It's the circle of life. She already has PETA sending her vegan chicken nuggets to discourage her from turning her pet chicken, Nugget, into its namesake. She's obviously stolen the hearts of mainstream society. Even Craig Ferguson has imitated her in a part Scottish/part Southern accent. Now even comic book nerds, hidden away between dusty stacks poring over tattered Superman tomes wearing big glasses held together with tape (That's how I imagine them, okay?) can't help but discover Honey Boo Boo's story and marvel.

Yes, I'm assuming comic book fans will pick up a copy of this biography. It's only $3.99, guys!

If you think this comic is some dark, intellectual examination of the dangers of go-go juice and discrimination against poodles, think again. Publisher Darren G. Davis has assured the world, “Clearly this one was meant to be fun for people and not to educate society. There are some of these biographies we do for strictly the entertainment value.” Phew! I was worried about that.

(Image: Bluewater Productions)