The Official Trailer For Homeland Season 3 Will Hit You Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Homeland Season 3 Trailer 8-9-2013

So.  Many.  Feelings.  Well, if there was ever any doubt (and there wasn’t any from me) that Homeland wouldn’t keep the momentum going through its third season, that doubt will surely vanish rapidly after watching the new season three trailer.  I almost broke out into a classic Claire Danes crying face after watching it and I honestly don’t think that has anything to do with my PMS – the trailer alone was just that good.

Spoiler alert: as any devoted Homeland fan knows, season two ended with a lot of loose ends.  Okay, really, season two ended with every story line and nearly every character blown to shreds.  Literally.  It looks like they’re picking up not long after where they left off, which I think is a smart way to go.  The audience needs to see how the CIA and the country picks up the pieces after such a tragedy.  We need to see how the Brody family is coping with the sudden fugitive terrorist status of their former patriarch.  We need to see Saul (oh God, Saul… weep) pulling himself together to lead the CIA, and answer to the Senate on how their own operations failed miserably to prevent an attack that hit so close to home.

For inquiring minds who want to know – Brody will be a main character again this season, or at least that’s what it looks like according to this trailer. It also seems like he’s had a pretty rough go of it; lots of wounds, a shaved head, and it looks as though he’s jumping from one foreign hideout to the next.   And, even though it looks like she might be emerging from her sullen, angst-ridden teen attitude, I still have the urge to punch Dana Brody.  Also- as usual, no sign of Chris Brody doing anything that makes his character relevant to the show.  Poor Chris Brody.

Season 3 of Homeland starts on Sunday, September 29th at 9 p.m. on Showtime.