Huzzah! Homeland Returns Tonight, So Allow Me To Refresh Your Memory With GIFs

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Out with Dexter and Ray Donovan, on with Homeland and Masters of Sex!  Raise your hand if you're pumped!  Showtime really is the best network for not giving you enough time to be depressed about your favorite show ending, because they throw you right back into your other favorite shows a week later.  I always enjoy watching Claire Danes, Damien Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin, so much so that I already enjoy their performances tonight even though I haven't seen them yet.

Need a refresher course?  No worries, that's why I'm here.  Homeland only lasts for 13 weeks, which leaves a giant gap of 39 Homeland-less weeks!  It's a lot to remember, especially on such a fast-paced show.  Allow me to get you back on track and caught up before the premiere of season three, tonight at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Warning to ye Grumble McBitchersons: SPOILERS FROM SEASON TWO ARE ABOUND!

homeland 6


The CIA blew up, basically, and Brody has been framed for the bombing.
Thanks to the creepy and damning video Brody filmed during season one, Abu Nazir's cohorts were able to frame him for the bombing they planned as retaliation for Abu Nazir's death.  Carrie helped Brody disappear solo, because her first love is the CIA.

homeland 1


Quinn turned out to be less CIA analyst, more CIA black ops hitman.
He was supposed to kill Brody but didn't, because he decided Estes was truly a dick and neither Carrie nor Brody deserved that outcome.  Not that Estes matters anymore, since he perished in the bombing.

homeland 2


Dana – while still annoying – proved to be somewhat useful last season.
Aside from the irrelevant hit-and-run plot, Dana and all of her angsty glory became important because of her special relationship with her father.  She knows far more about him than any other member of the clueless Brody family, even if it seems like she spends all of her time pouting and picking at her hands.

homeland 3


Saul and Carrie.  Oh GOD, Saul and Carrie.
They had a big falling-out after the protective Saul lashed out at Carrie for maintaining her loyalty to Brody and possibly leaving the CIA to be with him.  Then the bombing happened, from which Saul was spared because he was overseeing the burial-at-sea for Abu Nazir at the time it occurred.  When he's finally aware of the depth of the bombing and what it all means for him, he can't stop thinking about Carrie and how they left things.  He assumes she's dead, leaves her the most heartbreaking voicemail of all time, and when she appears at the end… OH MY GOD THE FEELINGS.

homeland 4


What the EFF is going to happen now?
That's the million dollar question.  A shit ton of CIA employees are dead, and it looks like Saul's the ringleader now which means big big changes for him.  Brody will have to play “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” for awhile, since everyone in America thinks he's the most dangerous terrorist alive.  Will Carrie tell Saul the truth about Brody?  Will Peter Quinn return this season to help clear Brody's name?  Will the Brody family still be irritatingly ignorant?  Will Claire Danes photobomb Lena Dunham this season?  I'm hoping tonight answers some of these questions.

homeland 5


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