Fanfic: An Excerpt From Sexland

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Bradshaw turns around, sees her girlfriends. They smile and wave. Mathison takes out her gun, grabs Bradshaw, throws down the table, pushes Bradshaw down. They crouch behind the tabletop. Nazir takes out his gun, starts shooting towards the Carries. Mathison shoots back. PEOPLE IN THE RESTAURANT scream, jump from their tables, find cover.


(hands over her head, shudders)

Sweetie, you've got to start working on your issues.


What's with the war zone?

 Nazir grabs Charlotte, puts a gun to her head.


Oh my God!


(still crouched down, peaks from behind the tabletop)

I do love a man who knows what he wants.


Saul! Saul! It's happening now! Fuck!

 Bradshaw struggles to see what is happening. Mathison tries to hold her down. Nazir drops the gun, turns Charlotte around, kisses her. Berenson bursts in through the broken glass door, looks around.




(slowly, starts to stand up)

We definitely need a cocktail.

 Mathison, breathing heavily, slowly stands up. NICHOLAS BRODY (40s) slowly walks into the restaurant, through the broken glass. He stares at Mathison, walks towards her. Mathison stares at Brody.


(eyeing Brody)

Lawrence of my labia.


No. Whiskey. A double.


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