Fanfic: An Excerpt From Sexland

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Honey, I get Brody. He’s handsome, he’s a marine. The uniform thing is hot. You had great sex. But he’s married, sweetie. He’s got kids. He’s a congressman. You get that, right?


(shaking her head, crying)

I’m gonna be alone my whole life, aren’t I?



Carrie, listen. He was just not that into you. There will be other men.


Dammit, Carrie!

 Mathison looks out the window. ABU NAZIR (50s), wearing glasses and a black turban, sells hot dogs from a vendor’s cart. A WOMAN IN A BURKA walks up to the cart, speaks to Nazir. They argue. Nazir hands her a Coke. Mathison looks away, breathes.


(looking down at her iPhone)

We've got to get you distracted. You need real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.


(to Mathison, raises eyebrows)

How about Aidan from Season 3?



You really think he’s my type? I – I don’t know. What happened with Brody. It makes me not trust my own thoughts. Every time I think I see something clearly now, it just disappears.


Sweetie, I want to help you. You need a man who is going to love you, not try to blow you up.



Fuck. I was just getting my life back.

 Both Carries look out the window, lost in thought. Outside SAUL BERENSON (55) in white hat, sunglasses and safari jacket, walks slowly by. Berenson looks at the window, sees the Carries, keeps walking.


(still looking at window, tilts her head)

I think I know that guy. I saw him do Sondheim on Broadway.

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