You Should Totally Watch The New Homeland Trailer, Unless You Want To Be Able To Sleep Tonight

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Oh hello there person who likes to sit on the edge of your seats for days on end. May I interest you in the trailer for season three of the rom-com Homeland. Even though I've only watched the trailer twice, I already know that it will keep me awake for days. Partially because I'm so excited to see it premiere on September 29th and partially because it's horrifying. There are very few images and very few words and very much fear. I didn't see The Conjuring, but I imagine it's a pretty similar feeling of “what is going to happen!?!” It's unbelievable to me that we now need to wait two months to find out what all this static-y conversation is all about.

Frankly it makes me feel a little bit like this:

//claire danes impression homeland anne hathaway crying snl(via)

In case you're like me and you suffer from season finale blackout syndrome (S.F.B.S), let's go over how the second season ended. Meg Ryan arranges to meet her online suitor in the park and finds out he's Tom Hanks! And he has a big ole dog! What fun! Just kidding, that's the ending to You've Got Mail (and the beginning to a relationship built on deceit and emotional manipulation). Season two of Homeland ends with Brody fleeing America after being framed (or not?) for an explosion that killed 200 people. Carrie totally buys his story and helps him to escape the country. Which, in case you haven't read the CIA handbook lately, is not something you're supposed to do with suspected terrorists.

Is he telling the truth about not being involved? Will Carrie destroy her entire career by following her heart? Can Dana clinically get any more angsty? Only season three will tell. So watch this here trailer and tell me what you think will happen to these star-crossed lovers? Also if you think Anne Hathaway should host SNL this season just to do her amazing Carrie impression again.

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